Sarcon Construction takes on architecturally innovative projects that boldly assert their presence


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Sarcon Construction takes on architecturally innovative projects that boldly assert their presence

The built landscape of an area off of Airport Road suggests a tectonic shift with Sarcon Construction Corporation’s completion of the Mallard Motorplex. In 1998, with the first of his auto storage facilities, Motorplex owner Tom Linton drove the shift, transforming it from a land of sand and sagebrush to an area of modern industrial design.

And now Sarcon has completed Linton’s third project, a 15,000 square foot vintage automobile storage facility in Santa Fe’s Airport Business Park. The project, designed by Dudley Architects in Albuquerque and administered by local architect Steve McCormick, consists of five private storage lofts with a separate building for the purpose of storage only. The lofts units contain flexible interiors that are designed to house dwelling or office spaces on the second level that overlook skillfully Spartan mechanic areas and car collections below.

The bold exterior design of Mallard Motorplex reflects the prolific volcanic materials nearby that include rocks infused with oxidized minerals with a patina of dark desert varnish. The lower levels of the facility echo this rugged geology and synthesize it into architectural cladding. Juxtaposed with this, on the upper levels is a sleek, ribbed metal skin. The project also utilizes abundant natural light complemented with LED electric lighting, high efficiency heating and cooling systems and water harvesting for the landscape on‐site.

With an expected completion date of fall of 2017, Sarcon is now working on SITE Tomorrow, a project for SITE Santa. SITE has chosen New York architecture firm SHoP to add almost 15,000 square feet to the present space, previously an old brown box of a building that served as a Coors beer warehouse.

Located in the Santa Fe Railyard on land where the railroad tracks still sit, tracks that imply movement, travel, and exploration of the new, the SITE Tomorrow project is a testament to SITE’s forward‐thinking vision. The contemporary aesthetic of the addition will wake up, arouse, propel the imagination into the future, as the iconic prowlike structure at the entrance suggests, leaving behind in its wake the unexceptional aesthetic of the low‐slung architecture of the present structure.

The facade of the building will be wrapped in a perforated aluminum skin designed to blend the geometric patterns of Navajo blankets and the texture of corrugated metal railcars that pass by on nearby tracks.

The Mallard Motorplex and SITE Tomorrow perfectly illustrate the breadth of Sarcon’s ability to execute all types of architecturally interesting and complicated projects. All around Santa Fe and on its website,, one can see the variety, quality and levels of complexity of the company’s many commercial and residential projects.

Sarcon Construction Corporation is locally owned and community based. Over its 21 years in Santa Fe, the company has built a well‐earned reputation for the highest quality construction services.